T80 led spot light 60W with demon eye for Car/Truck /Motor Bike/ SUV/ATV AILECAR

Model Number:ALK-T80 Package Neutral package / OEM package
OEM Accept Shipping DHL / Fedex / UPS / TNT / or ship to your agent in China

Item Name:AILECAR 60W LED Spotlight Lens T80
Place of Origin:Guangdong,China
Application:Car/Truck /Motor Bike/ SUV/ATV
Color of Spotlight
:White/Yellow; White/White
Color of Demon Eye:White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green
Patterm:Constant light + burst flash + counter flash
Brand Name:AILECAR

Warranty:1 year, 12 Months
Power:Low Beam 55W
High Beam 60W
Material:Aluminum + LED Chip




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